Biscuit Bishop's

French-made military aircrafts litter

This litter is a result of co-operation with my sister. After having not breedable girlie at home, not much time and resources, or place for third standard in our househould, I needed suitable home for bitch. Athena's other girl was to be bred, finally finding stud for her the breeder and I accepted, and having my sister moving near me, pieces finally fell into places.

Litter out of Biscuit Bishop's Wild Mustard (white) bred to Fi&Ee&Pl Ch Ahornstreet's Takki (black) produced 6 nice puppies, one black and one white bitches, and two black and two white males. White bitch would be ours, and if our girl would grow up nicely with good temperament, there I would have my chance to continue with straight line out of Salla, my very first white standard.

And she did. Tiffany Aching is her name, as me and her co-owner, and breeder, are Pratchett-enthusiasts (I just can't read Wintersmith too many times), her name was decided couple of years before she was even born. Tiffany is nice headed, nice sized and not exaggerated on any way, queenlike sometimes, and is undeniable #1 in her pack, not humans included. Same here, when she comes over, she's the leader of the pack, and none of our own dogs doesn't even think she wouldn't be, not even Athena on her time. Tiffany has been shown a few times, she kinda likes it and then she doesn't. She doesn't love the work with coat either, so she's been in short and even shorter cut after she turned 2years. She enjoys agility more, so that is her primary hobby nowdays. It is possible she'll has some coat in future, latest when she gets to go in veteran classes, or not, time will tell what happens.

We found nice and handsome gentleman for her, black in color, carrying white, about the same size as Tiffany too, and not a matador. And yet again, not exaggerated one too. Plus that he has brains, and oh boy does he know how to use them too! He is Finnish Champion Sir Ascot's Stunning Onyx, 8years old the same day puppies were born, May 23rd 2013.

We set up date between Tiffany and Onyx, and few weeks later ultrasound revealed 4-5 puppies. Tiffany moved to our house about 4th week of her pregnancy, living here instantly like she's always been a part of our family. Time went flying, belly growing, and then around 7th week nice kicks of puppies. Around 58th day she started showing signs she might actually start giving birth. That was false alarm, but 4 days later it wasn't. On thursday night, at 1:35 was born first white boy. 20minutes later another white boy, 10 minutes later first white bitch, 50 minutes from that second white bitch, 30 minutes later again white boy. 2nd girl was born butt naked, and I was affraid we need to revive her, but no, she was live and kicking. After 5th puppy was born, Tiffany started cooling off, her tummy felt quite empty and looked like that was it. We wondered, if it really was that the whole litter was only white, and started thinking about getting to bed, sister staying with puppies and new mom, and me to my bed with my partner (who had been with us, keeping the diary and marking everything up). About one hour after the last white was born, Tiffany started pushing again, we thought it's just the stuff 4th puppy wasn't with when born. How wrong were we, that was the last puppy, black male, the only black in the litter. The whole labor was over in just 3hours 25minutes.

Puppies weighed between 320gr to 380gr, biggest and smallest has been biggest and smallest all the time growing up, all 4 others has been somewhere between them in mixed order.

This gang has been very straight forward and daring puppies. Our cats has been taught how to treat them somewhat nicely, and our standard girl has been great auntie playing with puppies. She's been also very caring with puppies too, she's taken care of some of the care momma poodles usually do, with original moms permition. Only times when original has restricted auntie to come near, has been when she's been feeding pups.

Inspiration for the names of this litter comes from French Fighters, some new ones and some older ones, thought not only fighters, but french made military aircrafts.

Biscuit Bishop's Mirage white boy, handsome young who resembles amazingly his great grandma, Athena. Playful, not too wild, and loves kissing. My favourite.
Mirage lives with us, and has been shown few times and has his title ready. Pictures of Kirppu

Biscuit Bishop's Mysterè white boy, biggest of our boys, is more like great unca Viljami (Biscuit Bishop's Wild Garlic). Again playful, and not too wild, doesn't love kissing as much as Mirage, seems like he might grow over 60cm. My favourite all the same.

Biscuit Bishop's Ouragan white boy, very curious and courageous, and has rounded his new people completely round his nice paws. Name means hurricane in english, might be an omen. My favourite.
Pictures of Romeo
He has also been shown, one more cac and he has his title. He also loves agility. Daddys boy. He has also been shown, and has his title too.

Biscuit Bishop's Rafale black boy, oh, our only black boy. Yet again very playful, curious and courageous lad, always happy, leader of the puppy pack, and what a selfesteem already. Just like my first standard poodle. Lives with his new family. My absolute favourite. And partners too.
He has been shown some, and titled at Lahti int show april 3rd 2016. He has also been x-rayed, hips graded A/A, elbows 0/0.
Pictures of Metku

Biscuit Bishop's Alizé very white girl to start with. Smart and beautiful. Lives with her new family, and has absolutely charmed them. My favourite.
Jemma has been shown twice in terrier clip this summer. She has also been x-rayed, hips graded A/A, elbows 0/0, and clear back.
Pictures of Jemma

Biscuit Bishop's Atlantique white girl, not as white as her sister. Smallest of them all, but gutsy. Surprise, my favourite.
Atlantique lives in co-owner home, and has been shown few times in lion clip, and few times in terrier clip. She's also needs one cac to her title. Pictures of Haiku

Pictures of puppies, including dam and sire, and some relatives.

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