Biscuit Bishop's


This litter is something that I never thought I'd have. Time between these two first standard litters has been full of action, not always the good way.

When Athena came back, she was just a ghost of a poodle. After the tremendous job my parents, sister and brothed did, she is the joyful poolde she is today. Something I'm very thankfull of.

Moving from Kajaani to Tampere (about 450km distance) was relatively easy to our pack. Appartments were of that kind that I couldn't even thinkin breeding Athena. Topaz yes, but there was simply no room for standard litter. Until we moved to our current appartment close Tampere where we have fenced backyard and I have the room to trimm our poodles. And the cat. He comes to the table and stays still when I brush him. Poor cat, believes he's a poodle too.

Athena was already 6 years old and I had mostly berried the idea of breeding her. After all, I could get July's offspring from Spain when needed and puppies would be available, so the line I've started wouldn't end. After talking with vets and some friends, I thought to go and breed her. Time was running out, having her hips x-rayed and SA-tests done only one month before breeding. X-rays came back better than we thought, heat waiting in a corner and stud in the same city when she would be in heat, and the final decision was made.

Preggie time went well and easy. Athena's tummy didn't grow much even though ultra sound showed atleas 5 puppies; 4 on left and 1 on right, so there would be atleast 2 hiding in the right. But the tummy didn't grow and no signs of pregnancy, I almost lost my faith until I could feel puppies moving on 7th week.

On day 58 she started to breeth harder and making place for puppies. She has never been playing with toys but now she started to feed one squeeky-toy. Beeing awake most of the night between days 59 and 60, I made the decision going to vet if there were no clear signs she would start giving birth.

The morning rised, Athena beeing somewhat nervous and breething hard, she clearly started to work harder around 7.30 a.m. and first pup were born 20min later. My fiancé hasn't seen one minute old puppy earlier, so he had to take some pictures. After that he had to go to work and I called the friend to come. She came just in time to help with second pup, and the third was born quite about hour later. Athena cooled down and after trying her tummy we thought that it was empty. So my friend went back to work too. I cleaned the whelping box, put newborns to get their first meal, took coffee mugs to kitchen and came back to Athenas just to see the fourth pup in the back end!

Three first borns were quite big, but the fourth was clearly a lot smaller and a swimmer puppy. With all that, she was as active as other, started learning to walk and had her eyes opened the same time with bigger ones. Unfortunately she got cold, and that she couldn't handle.

The rest of the gang were rascals. Flowers and cat got attacked, as well as all the toys and chewies too. Playfight on outside too, and it didn't matter was it relatively cool and wet there. Or snowy.

Names for this litter comes from veggie-world.

Biscuit Bishop's Wild Garlic Allium Ursinum L. originated West and Central Europe. Garlic is our only boy with laid-back attitude. He clearly thinks things before he acts, he's not runing like headless chicken, that his sisters resembles sometimes.

Wild Garlics own site here (finnish).

Wild Garlic aka Viljami has been shown few times. His body is like a tank, and some two judges has thought he has too much weight. He has 4 cac, 2 res-cac and a cacib. The fourth cac came at national dog show in Kouvola august 22th 2009 under judge Vija Klucniece, Viljami was best of breed. Thanks to Elina Intke who handled him today. She has also bathed and trimmed Viljami to this and many other shows.

Viljami has had his chek-ups. Hips and elbows are clear (hips A/A, elbows 0/0) and no signs of SA. Eyes has been checked twice, both times clear. He's available for limited breeding.

Biscuit Bishop's Wild Lime Citrus Hystrix DC originted South East Asia. First born girl with a lot of energy. Athena will have a great playmate from this girl. More Lime at her own site

Biscuit Bishop's Wild Mustard Eruca Sativa L. originated Central- and Southern Europe. This girl is a bit cooler than her older sister, but just a bit. She's full of attitude, I guess. She will be moving to Southern Finland to her new momma.

Wild Mustard aka Hilja has also been shown ocationally. She is opposite to Viljami, very light and petite, and begings to be about full bodied now, around 3 year old.

Also Hilja has had her check-ups, hips and elbows good (hips B/B, elbows 0/0) and no signs of SA. She had her first litter April 11th 2010. She gave birth to 1 black and 1 white girls, and 2 black and 2 white boys.

Our swimmer girl would been named Biscuit Bishop's Wild Sesame Perilla Britton/Perilla Frutescens originated from South East and East Asia.

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